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Facials & Advanced Skin Treatments using natural products


"Pure, natural skincare"

Many of our clients experience dramatic skin improvements when using our natural botanical products. We specialise in facials and skin care treatments that use specifically blending botanical oils & natural face masks customised for your skins' needs. View our facials & beauty treatments pricelist

Your beauty therapist is one of the most qualified people to guide you with what your skin requires. We recommend regular facials and treatments that will provide an intensive boost of hydration, and anti-oxidants, to your skin.  Plus this gives your therapist the perfect opportunity to monitor your skin’s progress and make any suggestions needed along the way. All of our Facials and Advanced skin treatments are carried out using Tease Botanix skincare – a natural, botanical/plant-based skin care range we have created and is exclusive to Beauty Therapy Clinics & Spa.

The most popular relaxing, pampering facials is our "Signature Facial":
“Our Signature Facials offer you one hour of pure relaxation at the hands of our experienced beauty therapist, using our very own natural botanical skincare products.  We start with cleansers and gentle Fruit AHA’s to help reveal beautiful clear skin.  Massage oils enhanced with exotic botanical extracts are used to relax and stimulate simultaneously. Your personalised brewed ‘on the spot’ face mask is applied and enhanced with steam boosted with freshly picked flowers.  Hydrating serums & nourishing moisturisers finish your treatment.”

If you have skin issues and wish to get real results, book in for our "Treatment Facial" (for hydrating/de-sensitising/anti-aging) OR our "Anti-Bacterial Facial" (for acne/congestion).  We combine Tease Botanix skincare with facial machinery such as LED, High Frequency, Galvanic, Sonophoresis &/or Lymphatic vacuum drainage.

Also available as standalone treatments, modern technology such as "LED Light Therapy" &/or "Dermal Micro-needling" will help you achieve long lasting results - standalone OR combined the results are amazing.

We tailor your facials & skin care products for YOUR skins needs.


"Creating skincare as nature intended"

Tease Botanix skincare combine a range of quality, natural ingredients that include amazing botanical extracts, natural plant/fruit oils in combination with extra anti-oxidants to help keep your skin in tip-top condition. Mother Nature is amazing, she offers us plants to heal, to stimulate, to soothe, and we embrace her knowledge. We carefully blend botanical extracts of her gorgeous exotic flowers, herbs and fruit oils, to create beautiful skincare products and facials products, all chock full of powerful anti-oxidants and natural goodness.

We all love to have beautiful, soft and supple skin, and by introducing Tease Botanix natural botanical skin care range into your skin care routine you will soon discover how you can achieve natural, healthy, glow to your skin's complexion. Whether you tend to have mature, dry, oily or combination skin, Tease Botanix has a range of natural skin care products for most skin typesThe key to good skin is regular facials, the key to good skincare is choosing a range that incorporates powerful anti-oxidants and pure ingredients ... and in Tease Botanix skincare we have them in abundance.

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