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Beauty Room Price List

Many of our clients experience dramatic skin improvements when using our products. We specialise in botanical skincare products, and facial treatments by specifically blending & customising botanical oils and natural masks for your skins' needs. So treat yourself to the most gorgeously peaceful, private Beauty Therapy and Hair Salon in Tauranga - visit Tease Botanix Hair & Beauty Rooms.

Tease Botanix Facials:

"Pure, natural skincare"

"Pure, natural skincare"

  • Mini Facial: 30mins/$40.00
    An introduction to our classic skincare products.
    Consult, double cleanse, tone, exfoliate & moisturise.
  • Express Facial: 45mins/$75.00
    Relax while we use our classic skincare products, PLUS our gentle Fruit Cocktail AHA treatment AND magical hand-blend Mask customised to treat your skin. Finished with hydrating products.
  • Signature Facial: 60mins/$95.00
    Let yourself be fully pampered with our gentle Fruit Cocktail AHA treatment, relaxing Facial Massage using our gorgeous Botanical Enhancers, and an aromatic steam whilst your hand-blended Mask creates it's magic for your skin.  Finished with hydrating products prescribed for your skin type too!
    #  Add an Eye Combo (brow shape, lash & brow tint) for only $40 extra!
  • Tease Botanix Advanced Skin Treatments:
  • Anti-Bacterial Facial:  60mins/$110.00
    Acne &/or Congestion issues? We cleanse & exfoliate under steam, analysis the skin, hand-blend a botanical mask, then a High Frequency (anti-bacterial) treatment will be conducted if required. Next, LED (blue/anti-bacterial) Light Therapy prior to your skin being lightly hydrate with skincare specific to you.  Please note: Desincrustation may be required ($25/15mins extra) to help liquify deeply congested sebum, which will be discussed at the time.  This facial is perfect for anyone with oily skin, sluggish skin &/or open pores also.
  • Treatment Facial:  90mins/$155.00
    Dehydration, Aging &/or Sensitivity issues? We conduct a full skin analysis, followed by our "Signature Facial" PLUS Iontophoresis &/or LED (red, yellow) Light Therapy with hydrating gel mask.  Designed to target your specific concerns, and we create a plan for moving forward too.  Perfect for anyone wanting more than just a skin pampering facial - this one gets results.
  • LED Light Therapy:  $40.00
    Proven new age technology, LED triggers the body to convert 'light energy into cell energy' without thermal heat.  It is safe and non-invasive! Certain frequencies of light can significantly a) increase new tissue growth & stimulate collagen production thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles (red), b) soothe irritated skin (yellow), or c) help destroy the bacteria that is often associated with acne (blue).  It is painless and requires no post-treatment downtime. LED Light Treatment includes pre-cleanse & exfoliate.  For an instant hydrating boost to treat your skin even further, we recommend a botanically infused Hydrating Gel Mask ($10.00 extra).
    # For best results invest in 12 sessions over a 6 week period .  Pay for 10 non-transferable by-weekly sessions, get 2 FREE.
  • Dermal Micro-Needling (DMN) - Consult only:  $20.00
    We need to check for contraindications and give pre-DMN advice.  This consult fee is deducted OFF the cost of your DMN Facial.
  • Dermal Micro-Needling (DMN) Facial:  From $165.00
    Dermal Micro-needling (DMN) or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) helps the skin to naturally repair itself from the inside out, ultimately creating healthier skin! By creating 'micro channels' in the skin, using an electrical device with medical-grade sterile needles, the skin is then able to rejuvenate itself by optimising cell functionality. DMN Facial includes pre-cleanse prep procedure prior, hydrating Hyaluronic Gel used during, and a botanically enriched Soothing mask afterwards.  Most people will feel a mild to moderate sensation during this procedure, which is tolerated by most.  We favour using an electrical device, instead of a manual roller, as we feel it lessens this sensation - but if required/wanted we can apply a topical anaesthetic cream ($30.00 extra).  Minimal downtime is required, and a take home soothing gel is recommended.
    #  For best results, invest in a 6 weekly session 3 - 6 times a year (depending on skin issues), then once a year thereafter for maintenance.  Pay for 5 non-transferable sessions to be used within 12 months, get the 6th FREE.
  • DMN + LED + Hydrating Gel Mask - Package:  $195.00
    As individually described above, we start with the consult.  Then, these 3 treatments in 1 appointment is the best way to helping your skin heal itself - creating healthier skin!  Looking after the health of your skin is not an instant fix ... its progressive, a journey ... and we are here to help you along the way to achieve as good results as we, and nature, can.  And if required/wanted we can apply a topical anaesthetic cream ($30.00 extra).  Minimal downtime is required, and a take home soothing gel is recommended. With this package, 15% discount is offered for any retail products recommended.
    #  For best results, invest in a 6 weekly session 3 - 6 times a year (depending on skin issues), then once a year thereafter for maintenance.  Pay for 5 non-transferable sessions to be used within 12 months, get the 6th FREE.
  • Pastiche Comprehensive Skin Analysis:  $75.00
  • Consultation only - bring along all skincare & medication you are using and lets try to get to the bottom of any skin issues you are experiencing and make a plan to help you.
  • Read more on our facials.

Manicures & Pedicures

  • Express Mani OR Pedi: $35.00 - $40.00.  Sanitise, shape, cuticle care, nourish, apply polish.
  • Signature Mani OR Pedi: $65.00 - $75.00.  Sanitise, soak, exfoliate, shape, cuticle care, massage, nourish, apply polish.
  • Rejuvenating JESSICA Manicure: $80.00.  Sanitise, soak, JESSICA Ageless Hand Ritual (exfoliate, mask, nourish), shape nails, cuticle care, massage, polish.  JESSICA prescription products and polish is used.  + Hot Mittens (opt) $5.00
  • ZenSPA Pedicure:  $90.00.  Pure luxury pedi - soak in our hygienic heated, vibrating pediSPA before we refresh, awaken, restore, revive and nourish you feet using JESSICA ZenSPA products, then apply polish of your choice.  + Hot Booties (opt) $5.00
  • CND Shellac Mani OR Pedi: $45.00 - $50.00.  Sanitise, shape, cuticle care, Shellac applied/cured, nourish.
    + French $10
    + Nail ReShaping $5
    + CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel $10
    + Spa Mani (soak, scrub, massage after Shellac application) $20
    + Spa Pedi (soak, scrub, massage after Shellac application) $30
    + Remove Shellac: $20 per 20 min
  • IBX Repair & Treatment (initial): $45.00.  Consult, shape, cuticle care, massage, nourish and treat with IBX products.
  • IBX Repair & Treatment (weekly): $25.00.  Shape, cuticle care, massage, nourish and treat with IBX products.
  • Gel Overlays on Natural Nails:  from $65.00.  Perfect if you find your nails too weak &/or nail polish is not lasting.
  • + Remove existing Gel overlays: $20 per 20mins.

Eye Treatments

  • Lash Tint: $25.00     Brow Tint: $15.00     Brow Tidy: $20.00     Eye Combo: (all 3): $50.00

Waxing Services

  • Brow: $25.00     Lip or Chin: $15.00     Under Arm: $20.00     Half Leg: $30.00
  • 3/4 Leg: $40.00     Full Leg: $50.00     Bikini: $30.00     Extended Bikini: $40.00 - 50.00

Massage & Body Treatments

  • Exfoliating Back Treatment: 15mins/$25.00
  • Aromatic Back Massage with Botanical Oils: 25 mins/$35.00
  • Spray Tanning service: $45.00.  We use Black Magic Lotions or EcoTan depending on skin type.  (Bring a friend - $35.00 each in same appointment slot)

Indulgence Packages

  • Express Combination: 1 hour of pampering - $85.00
    When time is precious, treat yourself to an Express Facial & Back massage all within 1 hour
  • Luxury Combination: 2 hours of pampering - $150.00
    Relax and enjoy our Signature Facial and an Aromatic Body Massage.
  • Mini Indulgence: 2.5 hours of pampering - $200.00
    A Back Massage, followed by an Express Facial, an Express Pedicure, a Hair Conditioning Treatment, Scalp Massage and Blow Dry.
  • Maxi Indulgence: 4.5 hours of total pampering: $325.00
    An Aromatic Body Massage (with Back Exfoliating Treatment), followed by our Signature Facial (with Eye Combo), complimentary light lunch, Signature Pedicure, a Hair Conditioning Treatment (with scalp massage) and Blow Dry.  Plus a light application of Bella Vi Mineral makeup to finish.
  • IF you wish to design your own individual package to suit your need, we are happy to help! We suggest a practice makeup, spraytan, or blowdry, however this is not included in package price.
  • *Please Note: For Indulgence Packages, we require a 50% deposit upon booking. Full payment is due 7 days before appointment. The 50% deposit is non-refundable if appointment is postponed or cancelled within 5 days. 

As an EXTRA SERVICE, we also offer Mobile Beauty & Aromatic Massage services.  This service is only available on weekends.  A travel fee is included in our mobile price list, but please be aware that 'out of town' bookings will incur an additional travel fee. We can cater for individuals, couples or small groups. Prepayment is required and is non-refundable if under 7 days notice to cancel is given.  Please contact us by emailing: and we will send you our current Mobile Service/Price List.  This is a great service for Hens Parties, Girls Get-togethers, or special occasions.

Need a place to unwind, relax and yearn for a break from hustle & bustle of modern life? Visit "Warm Earth Cottages" in Katikati.  We can come to you there also ... book a facial &/or massage for yourself or as a couple.

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