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It takes good skincare, good genes, healthy diet and healthy living to achieve what most of us aspire towards ... beautiful natural glowing skin.  Regardless of age, it is obtainable with a bit of work and no how... here something to start with:

Hydrate... drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration. Water clears toxins from our bodies, stops it from drying out and help to plump up cells.  Too much water can be taxing on kidneys though, so be mindful of thinking too much is a good thing.

Vitamins ... a deficiency in vitamin B, C and E can lead to premature wrinkles.  Orange fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin A that promotes repair of the skin and prevents the build-up of dead, pore clogging cells. Wholegrain, nuts, fish and dairy products are good sources of vitamin B & E as well as oils. Vitamin C helps prevent the pigment clumping that the sun turns into age spots and can be found in fruits & veges.  Plus Vitamin C helps the oil-secreting glands function properly to keep your skin from drying out.

Anti-oxidants ... foods containing anti-oxidants will boost the immune system, fight infections and heal scars. Manuka honey, dark berries, green tea, and even red wine and dark chocolate (high in cocoa not milk) are great food sources of anti-oxidants.  Anti-oxidants can also reduce the aging process by fighting against toxins (free-radicals) within the body.

Oils ... our skin needs a boost of good (unsaturated) oils.  Oils are crucial to our diet to protect our cells and boost the condition of our skin and as a bonus lower our cholesterol and protect our heart. Olive oil, fish oil, avocado, sunflower oil, nuts & seeds contain good fats and will boost the condition of your skin and promote skin elasticity.

Collagen ... the body needs collagen for to help retain the structure of our skin tissue and protects against cell damage. Natural collagen can be found in spinach, kale (seaweed), almonds and asparagus.

Tease Botanix ... in our products we use alot of the oils, vitamins and anti-oxidants listed above - applying such luscious ingredients topically is only one part of the process ... but its a start.  :-)

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