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Welcome to our Tauranga Beauty Therapy, Hair, Nails and Tanning salon, where we use pure natural botanical skincare ...


"Relax in tranquil surroundings"

Here at Tease Botanix Hair & Beauty Rooms we take our cue from Mother Nature by using our very own natural botanical skin care range, and by sourcing natural alternative to commercial beauty treatments where possible.

Have you ever noticed wild flower gardens are full of colour and vibrancy?  Mother Nature encourages a botanical infusion to connect the best that she has to offer.  Our Hair, Beauty Therapy, Nails and Tanning salon encompasses this philosophy and honors the gifts from Mother Nature.  Tease Botanix Hair & Beauty Rooms  is a boutique salon - quiet, serene and private.

We use skincare inspired by Mother Nature

Tease Botanix skincare – nature in a bottle. Our natural skin care products work in synergy with Mother Nature and You. We blend a little bit of nature, a little bit of goodness and create natural botanical skin care products for you… Nature in a Bottle.  Our fabulous natural skin care products are a delight to use, a pleasure on your skin, and a relief to your senses knowing we use no known harmful ingredients … and were voted finalist in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly Beauty Awards 2013 for “Best Natural Range”!

Visit us at Tease Botanix Hair & Beauty Rooms to discover what nature can offer you and your skin...

For a Tauranga Beauty, Hair, Nails and Tanning experience, visit Tease Botanix Hair & Beauty Rooms.  We use our very own natural botanical products "Tease Botanix" skincare ... 'nature in a bottle'

As an extra service, we also offer a Mobile Beauty & Massage services on weekends.  We can cater for individuals, couples &/or small groups. Our service prices reflect travel time and extended hours.  For this option, email us at: and we will send you our current Mobile Service & Price List.

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